Do you love to Dance? Does your child love to Dance?

Welcome to Dance for Kids.

Dance for Kids White Dancer Are you yearning to be a beautiful ballerina, or to be a great hip hop dancer on music video's?

If your feet won't stop tapping and you just love everything about dancing, this site will keep you informed of all you need to know to take you on your dance journey.

This site is for dancers and parents of dancers.

Here you will find the answer to your dance questions, whether you're a parent of a child just starting to dance, or have been involved with dance for years and need some new ideas.

Or you are a young dancer and want to look as good as the others in your class and show off your knowledge of dance.

Have you been watching the fantastic show "So You Think You Can Dance?" and want to learn to dance like they do on the show?

Dance for Kids Red Dancer

If you want to start dancing and not sure where to go, what dance school to pick, dance for kids will give you all the best tips on choosing schools, deciding which dance classes to take and picking out
dance shoes and dance clothes.

For those who have been dancing a while, we will show you how to do the perfect dancers bun, as well as some other interesting dance hair styles.

If you have difficulty putting on make up for a dance show, we will show you step by step how to apply make up especially for the stage.

Learn step by step how to tie ballet ribbons.

Need to find a costume, we will be the best resource to locate your costume or get ideas to make your own. Our costume galleries may give you an idea for your perfect solo costume!

Have you been told you need to sew sequins on a costume! No dance costume is complete without sequins and you will become an expert in a very short time. Even young dancers can learn to sew sequins!

And when the dance star needs a rest, what better way than to check out our dance for kids list of all time dance movies for a mother and child dance movie night!

This site will help you with all these things and more.

Dance can be fun and exciting and a wonderful creative outlet.

I hope you enjoy this site and remember to visit often for all your dance for kids info.

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Ballerina Ballet Tutus for Girls, Romantic Tutu
Ballet Tutus are worn by a ballerina for classical ballet dance. Romantic, elegant, and feminine dance costumes. See our selection of tutus.
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Dance Movies
If you love watching dance movies, work your way through this list of dance dvds.
Dancer Gifts
A wide range of dancer gifts for someone special who loves to dance or is a dance enthusiast. Calendars, clocks, scrapbooking, jewelry music boxes, bags and so much more. To suit all budgets.
Dance Quotes
If you're looking for Dance Quotes you'll find one here that you like, short, funny, famous, thoughtful, or inspiring.
Ballet - Dance Coloring Pages
Choose your favorite Ballet and Dance coloring pages, scenes from dance class and famous ballets. Learn and get creative. So much fun!
Zumba Fitness
Zumba fitness is a new, fun, energizing dance exercise program using latin music and moves to tone and sculpt your body,
Dance Exams for Kids
Why do Dance Exams? Read this page to help you decide if its for you.
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