Lyrical Ballet Costumes for Dance
Recital and Competition

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Ballerina SilhouetteBallet costumes are worn for dance performances, recital or competition.

Ballet CostumesWhen a ballet dance is to music other than classical music it is considered to be neo-classical, slow modern or lyrical.

Still ballet, it is a softer, more flowing form of dance than classical ballet.

There are several moves or steps used in neo-classical ballet that aren't used in classical ballet.

The neo-classical costumes reflect this different style of dance.
They have softer lines, are flowing and often have a very feminine feel to them. They allow for movement, yet at the same time are important in giving a feel to the particular dance.

The ballet costume is used more in these categories to create a whole picture, to express the emotions of the dance, to tell a story, and the dancer portrays this with the dance, music and costume.

Flowing Ballet CostumePopular styles of costumes are ballet dresses, with wide flowing skirts to knee or mid calf length.
Still in this style of ballet dress, another option is to wear a leotard with a flared skirt attached.
Many designs use a sleeveless or long sleeved leotard as a base and add skirts or loose pants to finish off.

Some simple designs can be turned into exquisite costumes with a few accessories added to them such as a beautiful piece of lace, beads and of course, sequins.

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Ballet Dancer Silhouette


Ballet ShoesTo accompany neo-classical costume, it is most popular to wear
ballet shoes

Many dance this barefoot, with stirrup tights and Capezio Foot Undeez or Dance Paws. Less common, but still acceptable is to wear Jazz Dance Shoes.

The best Dance Tights to wear are pink ballet tights, but you can also wear footless, stirrup, convertible or shimmery tights.

Ballet Dancer Silhouette


Hair BunUnlike classical ballet, for which you must wear a bun, neo-classical hairstyles are really only limited by your imagination.

You can wear it up, down or anything in between.

Read more about Dance Hairstyles

There are many ballet accessories you can use in the hair, such as ribbons, flowers, ties and hairbands to match up with your costume.

Ballerina Hairstyle and MakeupCheck out the hair accessory aisle or costume jewellery stores.

You can find some amazing delicate, beautiful hair clips or pins to attach to the hair to finish off your look.

Check out our tips and advice on applying makeup for stage and performance.

Ballet Dancer Silhouette

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Ballet Dancer Silhouette

Two Little BallerinasOne thing Dance Kids love and get really excited about are the wonderful dance costumes. And Neo-Classical Ballet Costumes are the most beautiful of all!

Do you have a photo of Neo Classical Ballet Costumes that you just loved and never wanted to take off! One that made you feel like a Princess whenever you wore it? Or have you just got a new Ballet Costume and can't wait to show it off.

Then take some photo's and send them in and show off your wonderful costumes.

Ballerina clipart

Show Off Your Favorite Ballet Costumes

Did you win a competition with a great Ballet Dance Costume?
Or performed at a Dance Concert and felt like a Star?

We'd love to see your Ballet Costume photo!
Tell us about the dance it went with, what song or music did you dance to, was it easy to learn or did you win a competition.
Did you simply dance the best you've ever danced!

(Remember, if you're 13 or younger you must get a parent to give permission and help you.)

Enter the Title for your Costume (Ex, "My Beautiful Ballet Costume")

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