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Girls Romantic Ballerina Costumes

Ballerina SilhouetteLooking to buy Ballet Tutu costumes? Click here to find the best tutu suppliers.

Here you will find our ever growing gallery of Ballet Tutu Costumes.

One of the things we love at Dance Competitions and Eisteddfods is seeing all the wonderful costumes. The imagination and details that have gone into creating these beautiful tutus are fantastic.

On this page we celebrate the wonderful world of Classical Ballet Costumes, where we can all show off those tutus that have completed a dance routine.

Girls always dream of their first pink tutu - but there are many other colored ones to choose from that look so beautiful.

A classical ballet costume can be soft, romantic tutus or the stiff
pancake tutu. There are some exquisite tutu costume designs, but there are also some inexpensive tutus that are quite easy to make or cheap to buy.

Along with your tutu, you will need pink ballet tights, and ballet shoes. Young girls dancing in a Tutu will wear ballet slippers, tied with ribbons. You can learn how to tie ballet ribbons.

Older girls can either wear ballet shoes or more traditionally pointe shoes, tied with ribbons. Most pointe shoes are pink, although you can co-ordinate them with your tutu and have them in the same color. Red or black are the most popular, although you can find or have them made in other colors.

For the ballerina hairstyle, you will need to do a bun. Once you've learnt how to do a ballet bun, you'll be doing it without looking!

To finish off the perfect ballerina look, you will need to apply makeup. See our gallery of makeup styles and get our handy tips and advice on makeup.

Whether you are just here to have a look at some of the amazing designs of dance costumes that dancers are wearing for a dance performance or competition, or you are looking for some new ideas for your next dance recital costumes, I am sure you will find something you like. Most are suitable for solo, duo, trio or group dances.

Pink Tutu Green and Black TutuBlack Silver Pancake TutuSoft Red Ballet DressSoft White Ballet DressYoung Ballerina on PointeCouple Ballet Dance in CostumesWhite Gold Romantic TutusSoft White Ballet Tutu DressGirls Blue TutuBeautiful Lilac TutuYoung Dancer Ballet Tutu BlueBallerina Pink Tutu DressProfessional Ballet Tutus tying pointe shoesYoung Ballerina Swan Lake CostumeBlack Swan Black Tutu CostumeBlack Red Tutu Flamenco Style
Flowing Black TutuHalloween tutu costumes
Small child in blue yellow tutuUrban Ballerina in Gold Black
Girls Ballet Dance TutusFirst Pink Tutu Ballet DressYoung Girl Ballet Dresses with Tiara

ebay is the best marketplace on the web to buy Ballet Tutu dance costumes. There are so many styles to choose from, they are good quality and at very competitive pricing.
Here are the current listings on ebay! Click on any item and use the search box to find more ballet costumes.

If you're not in the U.S. you can view by clicking here.

To keep your tutu in perfect condition, free of creases and folds, you will need to store it in a Tutu Bag

Every little girl dreams of dancing ballet in a tutu. You may only be small now, but keep dreaming and practicing.

Baby Tutus

One day, you may end up dancing on stage like these ladies.

Professional Ballet Tutus

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Here are some lovely Neo Classical - Lyrical Ballet Costumes

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