Belly Dancer Costume
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The Belly Dancer costume has a mystic, magical allure that takes you away to the land of Arabian Nights.

Belly Dancer Costume

For a more modest belly dancer costume for young girls, you can buy a fuller top, decorated in sequins, and beads.

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If you are concerned with a child showing their midriff or stomach, you can make the costume to be one piece.
Design or buy the top and skirt or pants as you like and then join together with a flesh colored fabric for the stomach section.
They actually do this in some countries such as Egypt, where there are strict laws regarding showing exposed skin in public.

Create the Traditional Belly Dancer Costume

The top is decorated all over with sequins and beads. Often fringes dangle to add movement.
Coins, embroidery and braiding are also used to create an elaborate decoration. This top is in the style of a bra, but can often be more fuller.
The stomach is exposed.

A skirt and/or harem pants are worn.

The skirt is made up of several layers, giving a full, flowing look. The layers will be of the same colour fabric. Thin material is used.

Harem pants are full and billowing and then gathered at the ankle.
Variations to this are to wear harem pants and a sheer single layered skirt over the top or sheer harem pants with a skirt overthem.
Sheer material such as chiffon is used for the second layer.
Both the skirt and pants are worn low on the hips.

A hip belt or hip scarf is worn over the top of the skirt or pants, sitting low on the hips.
These scarves are covered in beads or coins which move as the dancer shakes her hips giving the impression of extra movement.
The top usually matches the colour of the belt.
Belly dance clothing needs to emphasize the movements and the body of the dancer.

You can finish this costume off with a veil or a headpiece as in the photo. Other accessories are the finger cymbals to use as you are dancing.

Belly Dance clothing

To make yourself, you can buy a bikini, bra or suitable top and sew sequins all over it.
Include some beads and fringing.
You want something that moves along with the dancer to create the extra illusion of movement.
This is a very time consuming project, so factor that in when thinking of the cost, but if you have the time, or perhaps the dancer can do this job (they'll certainly know how to sew sequins by the end of it), and it gets them involved in the making of their own costume.

Choose the same color material as your sequins. You can add a pattern or design if you like and also sew a fringe of beads to add to the belly dancer look.

Traditionally a Middle Eastern dance, with different names according to the country, the term Belly Dance is a name that is used in western countries.
Every part of the body is used in this dance, not just the belly, with most emphasis on the hips and pelvic area.
The core muscles of the body are used to produce the movement, which is why it is also a very good exercise as it tones the body whilst dancing.
As the dancer moves, they isolate different parts of the body, such as the stomach, chest, shoulders, etc.

The belly dancer costume and style of dance varies according to the countries and regions they are from. In the stricter Arabic countries, the dance and costume is more modest, in other countries such as Greece, there is less restrictions and the style is more similar to the western idea of Belly dancing.

Most dances are performed by women, but there are dances, such as the Cane Dance, that is performed by men. Also many others that are performed in groups. This is a lovely dance to perform in a national secion, at a recital or eisteddfod.


  • hip scarf
  • zills - finger cymbals
  • cane
  • veil
  • sword

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