Dancewear and Dance Accessories

There are many dance accessories available to make life for a busy dancer just a bit easier. Whether its that little extra something to finish off the look of a costume, tape to make a costume stay in place, or something to ease the feet whilst dancing, you can find an item to help out every situation. Have a read here to either find sources of products or to discover products you didn't even know existed to help you keep on dancing.

Dance Bags. The most important of dance accessories is the dance bag. Every dancer needs a dance bag to transport all their shoes, change of clothes, hair bits and pieces, food and water and other accessories to the studio.
Read more about Dance Bags

Hair Accessories

Dance Hair Bun Cover Bun Covers. There are many designs of bun covers, made from crochet, net or lace and adorned with flowers and crystals. These dance accessories are ideal for dance class when you do a quick bun that may be a little messy, or layered hair that always finds its way out of the bun! Pop a bun cover over the top of your bun and you have a nice neat hairstyle.

Tiara. Tiaras are the ideal finishing touch to a beautiful ballet costume. Most ballet costumes, whether tutus or soft flowing designs don't have so many dance accessories and glitter like Jazz costumes and a small rhinestone or diamante tiara with a bun adds a touch of glamour and elegance.

Hair Scrunchie Scrunchies. Most girls when they have a bun for dance class still love to have something colourful in their hair. You can find some wonderful scrunchie designs in colours to match or contrast with their dance wear. Pop the scrunchie over the bun around the base and it will also hide the hair pins used to hold the bun in place.

Hair Bands with Flowers. If you are doing a ballet exam and are allowed to wear something around the base of the bun, a hair band with flowers already sewn on is an ideal hair accessory. Pretty, dainty and just right for a dance exam.

Pony Tail Holder. A pony tail holder covered in rhinestones will add a touch of elegance and shine and finish off a dance costume.

Hair Pins. Although most of the time we want our hair pins to be hidden, you can find rhinestone studded hair pins to do two jobs in one, secure the hair and add some glamour and glitter to your dance hair style.

Hair Nets. These are probably the most needed dance accessories for the hair. You will always need to use a hair net in dancing. It is important to match the colour of the net to your hair colour, (there are several colours available) so it is not visible from a short distance. When dancing on stage, you can put a hair net over your bun to stop any stray hairs coming out of place. You can wear them in class to keep your hair neat and tidy.

Dance Hair Wig Curls Hair Wigs. A popular dance hairstyle is to wear the hair pulled back and then fall in a cascade of tight curls. Instead of spending hours with a curling wand or heated curlers, a great alternative is to buy a wig with tight curls already in place. You do need to match up the wig to the colour of your hair as it only goes over and sits on the bun, it doesn't cover the whole head. This is ideal for a dance concert where you may be in different dances and need different hair styles for each dance.

Hair Extensions. You can find hair extensions to add to the hair for certain styles. If you have short hair you can find pony tails which just clip on and provide instant long flowing pony tails. If you are looking for a plait, you can either find ready made plaits or take the pony tail and plait it yourself. These dance accessories are much quicker and easier than trying to plait your own hair, especially if you have short or layered hair.

Body Accessories

Legwarmers. Leg warmers are ideal to wear for stretching and warm ups at the beginning of a class, especially in cold climates and in the winter months.

Gloves. A useful costume accessory, they emphasise the hands on stage, ideal for certain styles and choreography, and finish off the costume with a distinct, classic look.

Earrings. Although most dancers are taught not to wear earrings on stage, to exams, etc, when working out the look for a dance performance sometimes a pair of earrings will finish off the costume. Rhinestone or diamante studs or drops give an elegant look, whilst large hoop earrings may be what you need.

Shoe Accessories

Spacers. These toe separators are made of a polymer gel and are placed between any two toes to keep a space between the toes if they have a tendency to overlap, causing friction. They are very soft and supple and can be comfortably worn on pointe.

Spacemakers. These are similar to the spacers but are used just between the big toe and the next toe. They help to align the big toe with the big toe joint and to keep correct alignment, alleviating pressure and reducing inflammation.

Cushy Cuts. These are self adhesive gel squares, covered with a four way stretch fabric on one side, which allows the gel to mold to any part of the foot or toe. You can cut it to the size and shape you need to cover corns, blisters, calluses or bunions. Use them on toes, side or upper foot or even on the heel. These pads are great to relieve pressure and friction from dance shoes. You can reuse these many times, the adhesive quality returns after washing. If using on an open wound or cut skin, cut out a piece to go around the outside of the wound to take the pressure off the affected area. These items can become indispensable dance accessories for the feet!

Toe pads. There are many types and designs of toe pads available. These ballet accessories are also known as toe pillows. These are made to go over the toes, inside the end of the pointe shoe to relieve pressure on the toes. Most common ones are made from either a polymer gel or lambswool.

Shoe Deodoriser and Dehumidifier. Any dancer or dance Mum will know after several hours of dancing, those dance shoes can get a bit smelly! Put this shoe deodoriser in your shoes and leave them in overnight and your shoes will have a lovely fresh smell the next day. Some dance accessories you just can't do without! Made of a cotton flannel shell filled with treated crushed red cedar dust, it has been found to naturally absorb moisture, ideal for those hard worked dance shoes!

Rosin. Ballet supplies, for use on the external platform of pointe shoes to reduce friction.

Underwear Accessories

Most underwear dance accessories are items to be worn under costumes for stage and performances. Most of these items are more for developing, teenage girls. As girls get older they don't want to strip off in the changing room, yet need something underneath that won't show through the tightest, skimpiest of dance costumes.

Thongs. You can find seamless, skin coloured thongs, which cannot be seen through or under a costume.

Bras. Well developed girls will need to wear a bra under a costume. You can wear skin coloured bras which are like a second skin under the tightest of dance costumes. The straps are of a clear elastic and can be adjusted or removed altogether. They come with a deep V front so as to not show under the lowest of costumes and have a clear elastic back so they can be worn under backless costumes. They offer excellent support for larger sizes.

Camisoles. This dancer lingerie comes in skin colour and is an alternative to wearing bra and thongs, so you won't see any lines, ideal under all in one costumes or leotards.

Shoulder Straps. One of those dance accessories that always come in handy, they are made of clear elastic like the bra straps. On stage they are barely visible and the skin colour can be seen through. You can put these on a bra you already have underneath a costume, or attach to a costume to keep it up whilst keeping the strapless look.

Smoothies. For girls who are developing, but are wearing the tightest of costumes that simply can't wear a bra underneath, you can use these smoothies, or nipple concealers. They provide a smooth look to your costume with no lines showing through. They are very thin and comfortable to wear, are reusable and long lasting. They also provide a bit of personal privacy when changing in a crowded changing room.

Sticky Strips. Also called Body Tape. These double sided tape strips are so versatile, every performing dancer could make use of these. You can use them to hold leotards and costumes in place. Place one side on your skin and the other on the costume in the desired position to stop it from moving. This is great for costumes that have a tendency to drop or fall down a bit or that are a little loose. Wearing these strips will stop any embarrassing costume accidents on stage!
If you've seen celebrities with extremely low front dresses and wondered how did they manage to keep the dress tight to the skin and not fall out of it, this is what they use! You can find them at most lingerie shops. They can also be used to hide/keep bra straps in place or to keep a dress or strapless top from moving.

Makeup Accessories

False Eyelashes. Used for performing on stage, wearing false eyelashes have an amazing effect of opening up the eyes making them appear larger. Young children often feel strange wearing them and can't wait to take them off, whilst teenagers rarely need persuasion to wear false eyelashes! (makes them feel older!) The best ones are the type that use a glue and are reusable.

Read these pages to learn how to apply false eyelashes, along with a large selection of plain and decorative false eyelashes.

Makeup BoxThere are many types of makeup boxes around. It is important to find a box that opens out and you can find what you are looking for straight away. You don't want to rummage around in a bag to find a lipstick when you need to rush back on stage!

Stage MakeupThere are a few essentials you must always keep with you when applying makeup.
Read here for the basic makeup kit you will need.

Body Glitter. When dancing under the bright lights on stage, adding body glitter to exposed skin will have your skin glittering like diamonds. You can use a spray can or you can find fine glitter dust to brush on with a large powder brush.

Face Glitter. This normally comes in a little tub and you can apply the glitter to cheekbones, eyebrows, over eyeshadow, just about anywhere. Young children love putting face glitter on, they do love to sparkle, just be careful not to overdo it!

Check out our Stage Makeup pages!

Miscellaneous Accessories

Tutu Bag
Tutu Bag. When you have a tutu, you will need a special Tutu Bag to store it in.

The large stiff tutu skirt needs to be laid in a tutu bag so its stays flat. Keep it clean from dust and free of creases. With convenient handles, you can carry your tutu to the theatre in your tutu bag, protect and store it in the bag until you are ready to wear the dress.

Embroidered Name Tags. Find a local dressmaker or seamstress and see if they can make you an embroidered name badge. It doesn't need to be very big, just large enough to see easily. Black is a good color for the material, with gold or silver for the name to stand out. You can sew this on their dance bag, dance jacket and any other things you need to label. Once they grow out of the clothes or wear the bag out, you can take it off and sew it on the next item.

You can find all of these items plus many more interesting and handy dance accessories online!

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