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Dance Bags can help you keep all your dance items together!

Dance BagsEvery dance student will have a large amount of items they need to take to class each week. Dance Shoes, change of clothes, tights, hair brush and bobby pins, hair net, snacks and water plus much more depending on the time at the studio and your classes.

A large dance bag is ideal to carry all these items to class. They often have a special place for a water bottle, handy for easy access. You can use these bags to store most of your usual dance accessories at home, so you'll always know where to find them!

One good idea for a ballet bag is to use a design with a pull out handle and wheels, like the travel bags. This is ideal for young students who have a lot to carry yet are too small to lift such a bag.

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There are some great designs around, Capezio and Energetics bags have sections to separate shoes from clothes, several pockets and often space for a water bottle. Bloch also produce some great bag designs

If you are buying a dance bag from a local shop, and other children at your studio may have the same bag, personalise it with emboidered name tags and other bag accessories.

If your child has several dance classes or on different days, create a timetable card for them. Print their name on the top, type out the classes for each day, class times and any other items, such as shoes, clothes requirements, etc. Laminate it and hang it from the bag for a quick reminder. This can help your child get organised themselves for that day's dance class.

Here is a list of things you may need to keep in your dance tote bags:

hairbrush and comb
bobby pins
hairspray or water spray bottle
water bottle
healthy snacks, food
roll on deodorant

dance clothes
- leotard, shorts, pants, singlet, crossover top, etc
dance shoes - ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop sneakers

Winter months - a jumper or pullover to put on after class before going outside.

There are other types of dance bags you may find you need. A small material bag is useful to keep your ballet shoes in. If you keep your ballet shoes in a bag with other shoes they can get scratched, keeping them in a soft bag will keep them in good condition for longer.

Tutu Bag
If you have a Tutu, you will need a special Tutu Bag to store your tutu in.

Most tutus are fairly costly, so it really is worth the little extra expense to purchase a special tutu bag. Keep your tutu clean and free of creases. The tutu skirt lays flat in the bag and with handles to carry or hang, it is a perfect design to keep your tutu in top condition.

This tutu bag from is strong, practical and won't break the budget!

If you have costumes ready to wear to a recital or performance, you will need a garment bag to keep the dance costume clean, free of creases and in good condition - at home and on the way to the performance.

Look for garment bags that have a couple of pockets, very handy to store accessories that go with that costume. Keeping them altogether makes preparing for a dance performance so much easier. Check it has a hanger on it, or a hook to attach a hanger to. A full length zip is very handy for ease of handling the costume in and out of the bag. If it is a full length bag, it will be easier to carry if it can fold up.Check out our selection of garment bags at the bottom of this page.

If you're looking for a bag online,check out these below for a wide selection of dance bags, there are some fantastic designs and colors out there this year, as well as garment bags and ballet bags for dancing.

Capezio Girls Quilted Satin Bag, Black,Bloch Multi Compartment Large Dance Bag, multi-coloredDuffle Zebra Bag

Pink Ballet Slippers BagProfessional Dance BagLarge Bloch® Duffle Bag, multi-colored

Capezio Girls Duffle Bag,PinkBlack Pink Confetti Medium Roll Duffel Dance BagRockland Zebra Rolling Duffle Bag

Capezio Girls Mesh Backpack/Shoe Bag,PinkStar Dance Quilted Tote BagDance Tote Bags - Available in Many Colors, Black

Dance Garment Bags

Dance Garment Bag

Zebra Garment Travel Bag

Black & Hot Pink Fuchsia Polka Dot Garment Bag~ great for dance costumes

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