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Every dancer needs a well fitting pair of shoes for dance class.

Your child loves to dance and has decided to start dancing lessons at a dance school.

It is so exciting when they go off to their first dance lessons. Little Girl with Ballet Shoes After you have decided on a dance school, and which dance classes to take, the most important decision to make is about which shoes to buy.

Before they can take dance classes they will need the correct shoes.

As your child grows and continues in dancing, their shoes will always remain the most important item to purchase and great consideration is needed when buying them.

A quality well fitting shoe will complement and enhance a dancers technique.
Poor fitting, loose shoes can cause far more problems than the time and money saved initially.

A dance shoe is designed to protect the foot and enhance the dancers abilities in a particular dance style.

Dance footwear is designed for each type of dance and it is necessary to only wear the correct style for that class.

Wearing a ballet shoe to a Jazz class (or vice versa) could prohibit some movements, or cause pain due to lack of support and cushioning in some areas of the foot. It is not recommended.

The type of dance shoe you will need to buy depends on which class your child is taking. Read on for the different shoes you need for each class:

Ballerina Clipart

Ballet Dance

Pink Ballet ShoesMany young children dream of becoming ballerinas with a beautiful tutu and such graceful dancing. It is a style of dancing that requires the most discipline and technique.
The younger a child starts ballet the earlier they can start learning all the stretches, and positions.
As with all dance styles, a good ballet shoe is very important.
Click here to read all about Ballet Shoes and browse our selection to Buy!

When your child first starts dancing, it can be a bit daunting to know how to find a good ballet slipper, its not quite the same as buying a pair of shoes.
Read my guide to buying ballet shoes.

You may need to sew elastic on your ballet shoes,
Click here to find the correct position

Once they start doing classical ballet dances they will need ribbons on their ballet shoes, find the correct position for ballet ribbons.

Children will soon learn themselves how to tie ballet ribbons with these easy step by step instructions.

Bloch ballet shoes have long ago earned the reputation of designing some of the best quality ballet, tap and jazz shoes on the market.

Pointe ShoesAfter your child has been studying ballet for many years they may have the opportunity to learn pointe. Your dance instructor will take careful thought as to when the child is old enough and their bones are developed adequately to start pointe. Then you will need special pointe shoes.

Character Shoes thumbnailSome dance examination syllabus will have a section on character dancing and you will need a
Character Shoe for this class.
This is normally introduced after a child has been studying ballet for a few years.

Capezio Foot Undeez thumbnailIf your child is doing a dance barefoot, a great product to wear to stop the feet sticking to the floor is
Dance Paws or Foot Undeez

Ballerina Clipart

Jazz Dance

Jazz ShoesA jazz dance class is one of the most popular classes at a dance school. It is the class most children new to dance start in as well as ballet.
It teaches many techniques important in modern dancing.

Capezio dance shoes have created a good reputation for well fitting jazz and ballet shoes.

It is energetic and fast paced and is probably a more fun class for young children to start in. To take part in a jazz class you will need to wear jazz shoes or modern dance shoes.
Click here to read all about Jazz Shoes and see our selection!

Ballerina Clipart

Tap Dance

Tap Dance ShoesIf you are taking a tap dance class you will need tap shoes immediately. A lot of children love to learn to tap, if they have seen a tap performance , it has probably inspired a passion to learn to tap dance themselves.

Tap dance is a very graceful dance and it is one style of dance that you can do all your life.
Click here to read more about Tap Shoes and browse our great selection!

Ballerina Clipart

Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop Dance SneakersOver the last few years, hip hop dancing has taken the dance world by storm, shown it is around to stay and not just a passing phase of dance.

Many dance shools have recognised this and offer hip hop classes.
Some dance schools have excelled in this area and shown they understand this style, others produce a dance which is a mixture of Jazz and hip hop dance.
Click here to find out the best shoes to wear for Hip Hop and check our great selection!

For some children who find ballet too slow and boring and love to dance to music videos you will find they will love hip hop classes.

Ballerina Clipart

When you buy childrens dance shoes, remember you are investing in the health of your child's feet.
There are many ways to prolong the life of your shoe and a little regular care will help them to last longer.

Dance shoes can become worn and marked from dance floors.

One good way of sprucing up your dance shoes to look like new is to paint your shoes.
Read these step by step instructions how to paint dance and ballet shoes

There are many brands available with a wide variety of kid dance shoes to offer.

Dance SneakersCheck out these great Zumba Shoes, ideal for zumba, hip hop and other active, high impact dance and fitness classes.

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