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Your guide to the best Foot Undeez and Dance Paws. For great advice on these dance shoe items, Click here.

Check out this great selection of Foot Undeez above. They come in many sizes and different colors, such as Nude, Light Suntan, Espresso and Black plus some prints such as Leopard, Zebra, Camouflage and Pink!

There is a wonderful new product for dancers called Foot Undeez, or Dance Paws (depending on the brand.)

Capezio Foot UndeezSome dances look better if danced barefoot rather than with shoes. This is most popular in neo, modern expressive and contemporary dance styles.

One problem dancers find whenever they dance barefoot, is the foot can stick to the floor and slow the dancer down. Others get skin tears and friction and soreness on the ball of the foot when doing a lot of barefoot dancing.

This wonderful new dance foot wear, just slips on to the front of the foot.

Dancer wearing Foot Undeez PawsOn top of the foot is a stretchy skin coloured mesh, which can barely be seen on stage and underneath is a small suede sole, to cushion the ball of the foot and to enable smooth footwork. A plush band of elastic holds it all tight to the foot.

These products have been shown to prevent soreness in the ball of the foot, relieving skin burns and frictions and even skin tears.

They have become so popular they are now being worn for Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Yoga and Pilates and for Martial Arts.

Ideal to use for other dances such as modern, jazz, lyrical, neo-classical and contemporary. Wear them inside your dance shoe for added comfort and cushioning.

These dance paws do need to be tight fitting, but do stretch and will last many years. They can be washed by hand in cold water with a mild detergent, then left flat to dry.

The reason why there are different names is because as different companies have patented different designs, they have become known by different names and do differ very slightly.

Dance Paws or Foot Paws have the mesh on the top, a cushioned sole underneath and the elastic band around the foot. There are five holes for each toe to go through.

Capezio Foot Undeez again have the mesh top, a cushioned sole underneath and the elastic band. They have one hole for the big toe to go through and then one large hole for the rest of the toes to go through.

Capezio have a good range of styles - other than the basic nude or suntan as shown here, they have a zebra or leopard print, black or Nude with Rhinestones.

Bloch Foot Thongs have the padding on the ball of the foot and are bare on top, with just a couple of elastic straps over the top. Not quite as much as the Capezio Undeez, but if you want less showing on top then these might be for you. They also come in black.

Other names they are known by are Foot Undies.

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