How to Make Perfect Ballerina Hair Buns

Create the perfect ballerina hair buns!

Follow our tips, techniques and instructions for bun hairstyles for dance, competition, performance and exams.

Easy to do, smooth and perfect hair styles.

To create the perfect ballerina hair buns you will need

A good bristled hairbrush
Clean spray bottle with a fine mist spray nozzle, filled with water
Plenty of hair pins, closed and open hair or bobby pins
Tangle free hair bands

Hair gel

Hair Bun Step 1Step 1

Brush hair back off the face and brush until smooth and free of tangles.

Hair Bun Step 2Step 2

Lightly spray a very fine mist of water all over the hair.

Hair Bun Step 3Step 3

Brush the water through and then brush the hair up into a high ponytail, securing with a hairband, where you want the bun to be positioned.
Smooth any stray hairs back and into the ponytail.

Step 4

Brush the ponytail.

Hair Bun Step 5Step 5

Take the ponytail in your hands and twist the hair to create a rope. (See below for an alternative method).

Hair Bun Step 6Step 6

Wrap the ponytail rope around the base of the ponytail, tucking the ends underneath.

Step 7

If the hair is thick and the hair bun becomes large and heavy, you can put another hairband over the bun near the base to secure.

Step 8

Use as many hair pins as needed to secure the bun.

Hair Bun Step 8Hair Bun

Alternative method to step 5.
You can take the ponytail and plait it. Then wrap the plait around the base of the ponytail. This makes for an interesting bun and is good for thick, layered hair.
Hair Bun With PlaitHair Bun With Plait 2

These steps are all you need to do a perfect hair bun for your ballet or dance classes. If you like, you can finish off with a light spray of hair spray to keep it in place. I personally don't like using sprays and gels on my childs hair on a daily basis and only use water, but that is my preference. A suitable ballet or dance scrunchie, flower or ribbon around the base of your bun (if allowed), will finish off the perfect bun hairstyle.

Hair Bun With Red HairbandHair Bun With Pink HairbandHair Bun With Pink Ribbon

Hair Bun with FlowerHair Bun with Black Hairnet

If you are doing a bun for a stage performance or a dance or ballet exam, you will need to use hair gel. This is the best way for the hair to stay smooth to the head, and to attain a totally smooth, neat bun without any wispers of hair coming loose.

After stage 2 when you have sprayed hair with water, take a scoop of gel with your hands and smooth it onto the hair. Brush through well, ensuring you don't get any blobs left. Carry on as per above instructions. Spray with hairspray to secure.

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