Hawaii Hula Dancers Costume

Hawaii Hula Dancers Costume

This kids Hawaii hula dancers costume is one of the cheapest and affordable dance costumes to put together. It looks stunning on children of any age.

This costume is suitable for any dance recital or performance, there are the traditional hula dances to perform and this would fit in the national category or any theme section, ideal as a solo or team performance.

ebay is the best marketplace on the web to buy Hawaiian dance costumes. There are so many styles to choose from, they are good quality and at very competitive pricing.
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This is also a great costume to put together for a fancy dress party. Girls love this outfit.

Hawaiian Hula Costume

To make yourself, you need to find a grass skirt. These are available online or at many costume shops. Find a suitable bikini at your local shops. You don't need to have the same colour bikini as the skirt, the aim of this costume is to be very colourful so choose a different color.

Finish off with flower leis. For these you can get fancy and buy silk leis, or depending on the performance, you can find very cheap leis made from fabric at discount shops. Hang one or two leis around the neck and another one around the head, as the child in this photo has done.

If you don't want a lei around your head, buy a large flower hair clip and put in your hair just behind your ear. Hibiscus, Orchid or Tiger Lily are great flowers to use for this.

This costume looks stunning on kids with a natural tan.

The grass skirts look very effective on stage as the hawaii hula dancers do a lot of hip swaying and the swish of the grass skirt adds to the effect.

Many Hawaii Hula Dancers wear a full skirt, always very colorful, which emphasises the swaying of the hips and body movements. See the video below for an example.

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Hula Dance

Hula is the traditional dance of Hawaii, part of the Hawaiian and Polynesian culture. As with many native cultures, the dance was used to tell the stories of their history and legends. It is really quite different from the dances of other Islands from that area, such as the dances of Tahiti, which is a lot faster.

Although travellers to and from these islands told of these wonderful dancers, it was during the second world war, when American servicemen were stationed there, that these dances and costumes and the beauty of this Hawaiian culture started to become well known around the world.

Here's a video of a Hawaian Hula dancer. Watch it to get an idea of Hula dancing.

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