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Hip Hop Dance Wear click here. have a great variety of dance wear for hip hop classes. Click on any of the images or links below to view a selection of hip hop gear.

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Hip Hop dance clothes creates a fun, energetic look that is both cool and practical.

Hip Hop Dance WearSometimes hip hop classes can be more relaxed, again check with your dance school first in case they have a dress code or if you are free to wear any dance clothes.

If you are able to wear free choice, there are a wide variety of dance clothes you can wear to a hip hop dance class. It is important, however, that you do choose from dance clothing, rather than normal street clothes, you still need to be able to stretch and move.

Clothes for hip hop dancers are designed for that type of dancing, which has a lot of fast movement, yet still looks great and fits in with the hip hop look.

Hip Hop Dancer Silhouette

Hip Hop Dance ClothesTaken from the urban culture and the styles of hip hop artists, hip hop clothes are the best of all fashions to dance in, as dance is a large part of hip hop culture.

To get the hip hop look, whilst still being able to dance well, a split or layered look works best.

Track pants are a good option, good quality sports brands. You may find these fine for warm ups, although they may be too hot for an hours dance class.
Shorts are a popular style, for dance class as well as hip hop performances, either sports type, over leggings or tights. Seniors like to wear short, tight shorts.

Hip Hop Dancer Silhouette

Hip Hop Cargo GearThe most popular in hip hop are cargo pants, either full length or three quarter length.
Other options are jazz shorts, dance shorts or jazz pants.

On top, you can wear dance singlets, or crop tops. T-shirts are the most popular, with hip hop slogans, artists or groups.
One look that is very popular is to wear a crop top, with a singlet over the top.

Hip Hop Dancer Silhouette

This is a great class for boys. The best hip hop dance wear for boys is either cargo pants or loose shorts and a t-shirt or singlet.

You will need a good pair of dance shoes or dance sneakers for a hip hop class. See our range of Hip Hop Shoes!

Hip Hop dance costumeCheck out this page for ideas for Hip Hop Dance Costumes

Hip Hop Dance Wear Suppliers

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To complete the Hip Hop look, don't forget the bling! You may not be allowed to wear it in class, but it's great for the performance and recitals! LogoFor a good choice of Hip Hop clothing, either to wear to a class or for a recital or performance, check out specialises in dance, fitness and street wear, with some fantastic prices on brands such as UFO. You will find these online stores have great offers on prices and shipping, plenty of choice for men, women and children!

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