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Makeup with False EyelashesWhen you’re performing on stage to a large audience, you need to enhance your eye makeup to make your eyes appear brighter and larger.

Your eyes are the main part of your face the audience connects with, so you need to create large, dramatic eye makeup to make your eyes stand out!

False eyelashes will help to open up your eyes by creating a frame and giving an illusion of larger eyes with long, full lashes.

Apply all your eye makeup before applying false eyelashes.

You Will Need

  • A set of false eyelashes – either a band of lashes to go along the full length of the lash line. Or individual or cluster lashes. These are small portions which you place, evenly spaced, along the lash line.
  • Eyelash glue – a special adhesive glue for holding false eyelashes in place.
  • Tweezers – to hold and apply the false eyelashes.

Apply False Eyelashes Apply False Eyelashes

How to Apply False Eyelashes

  • Take the false eyelashes, picking them up with a tweezer.
  • Place a line of the glue along the line of the false lashes.
  • Leave for a few seconds to air dry and get a little tacky before applying to your lids.
  • Place the lashes along your lash line as close as possible to the root of your natural lashes.
  • Line up the center of the lashes with the center of the eye.
  • Push the lashes into place there.
  • Work from the centre to the inner corner and then from the centre to the outer corner of the eye, pushing them into place.
  • Do the same with individual lashes, either dip the lashes in the glue or put a spot of glue on each lash, then carefully attach them in place, along the lash line.
  • Make sure they are evenly spaced and placed right in the roots of your natural lashes, for best effect.

You don’t need to add mascara to your lashes.

Makeup using False EyelashesMany makeup artists like to apply the glue to the eyelid and then simply place the false band in place on the glue. Having applied false eyelashes to children for many years, I have found it better to apply the glue to the false eyelashes. It is easier to get the eyelashes closer to the lash line than it is to get a straight line of glue, especially on children. Children get scared of things being applied to their eyes, especially glue!

If you’re dealing with teenagers or adults, you can choose the best method of applying the glue!

Individual lashes look great on the lower lids.

If the bands of false eyelashes are too long, especially for small eyes or a child’s eyes, you can cut them to length (before applying the glue!) Aim for them to finish a couple of millimetres before the end of the eye at the outer corner. It doesn’t look good if they carry on too far at the outer corner of the eye!

Practice a few times to learn how to apply false eyelashes before an important performance. You can normally re-use false eyelashes several times before they become too damaged to use again.

You can also find falsies which give the same effect of the individual false lashes, but are all on one band, making it much easier to apply, you don’t have to worry about spacing.

You can also find ¾ lashes which may be a better size for children.

To Remove False Eyelashes

Take hold of the band at the outer corner of the eye, and very gently pull up and out and it will come away.

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