Jazz Dance Costumes

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Jazz Dance CostumesJazz dance costumes are designed to be striking on stage and as flexible as possible to enable the dancer to stretch and leap whilst dancing.

Jazz dance or Modern dance is an energetic, fast paced form of dancing. The jazz costume has to reflect the dance, the music and complete the message that the dance is portraying.

They need to be fun and funky, to be vibrant, shiny and stand out on stage. They need to express the energy that the dance is all about.

Jazz Shoes will need to be worn when dancing a Jazz Dance number.

Jazz Dancer Silhouette

Dance Competitions

Red Black Jazz Dance costumeIf you are taking part in dance competitions, the dance costume will be marked on its appropriateness for the dance, music and also the age of the dancer.

Many adjudicators do not like provocative dance costumes on very young children and may mark down accordingly.

Dance recital costumes play an important aspect of the performance. If you're competing against many dancers, sometimes its the costumes that are remembered as much as the dance, so you need to wear something that has strong colours, lots of sparkle, and doesn't just blend in with the crowd. Be Remembered!

Jazz Dancer Silhouette


Jazz Dance HairstyleJazz hairstyles can be any style you like to enhance and match the costume, dance and music.

Wear it up in a bun, pony tail or plaits. Or straighten it and have it all or partly down.

Read more about Dance Hairstyles

A popular option is to pull the hair back in a bun and then wear a
curly hair piece over the bun so it looks like the hair is pulled back to fall into a cascade of curls. These look wonderful, bouncing on stage as the dancer moves.

Check out our tips on applying stage makeup

Jazz Dancer Silhouette

Costume Styles

Boy Jazz DancerJazz costumes have so many different styles. Many still like the traditional jazz styles, but there are now some wonderful modern styles being created by imaginative dance teachers.

Modern dance costumes can be made up from long pants, shorts, and skirts or dresses with pants underneath.

Most jazz costumes are made from lycra or other stretchy fabrics.

Girls will need to wear dance tights with their costume, there are many styles to choose from!

Jazz costumes need sequins to add shine on stage. This is a case where you can transform a jazz, tap or modern dance costume from plain to extraordinary with sequins.

These outfits can be teamed with accessories such as hats, braces, hairbands, imitation boots etc.

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ebay is the best marketplace on the web to buy jazz dance costumes. There are so many styles to choose from, they are good quality and at very competitive pricing.
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If you're not in the U.S. you can view by clicking here.

Cute Kids Jazz costumeOne thing Dance Kids love and get really excited about are the wonderful dance costumes.

Do you have some photo's of Jazz Dance Costumes that you just loved and never wanted to take off! Or have you just got a new Modern Dance Costume and can't wait to show it off.

Then take some photo's and send them in and show off your wonderful costumes.

Show Off Your Favorite Jazz Dance Costumes

Did you win a competition with a great Jazz Dance Costume?
Or performed at a Dance Concert and felt like a Star?

We'd love to see your Jazz Costume photo!
Tell us about the dance it went with, what song did you dance to, was it fast or slow, easy to learn or did you win a competition.
Did you simply dance the best you've ever danced!

(Remember, if you're 13 or younger you must get a parent to give permission and help you.)

Enter the Title for Your Costume (Ex,"Stupid Cupid Jazz Costume")

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