Kids Hairstyles for Dance

There are some wonderful kids hairstyles you can do for dance.

Hair Bun To attend dance classes, girls will need to wear their hair in a bun. This helps to keep the hair out of the face and looks neat and tidy. Part of the discipline involved with dancing is the grooming. Always looking neat and presentable is very important.

Read here for how to do the perfect bun.

Once you have learnt how to do it, it will be so easy to do!

If your child does dance exams they will need their hair in a neat bun, sometimes with a flower or ribbon tied around the bun to add a finishing touch.

There are several ways to vary the classic bun, adding style and glamour and modernising a traditional look.

Here are some great hairstyles using a Tiara .

If you are in a group dance your teacher will come up with some kids hairstyles to use. This may be all the same or a variety of styles.

If your child is in a solo,duo, trio then you can be as creative as you like, obviously fitting in with the style of dance and costume.

If you're in a dance performance, or competition, favourite hair styles are curls. The hair is pulled back smoothly off the face, then burst into a cascade of curls. An easy, quick way to achieve this is to buy a curly hair piece. Smooth and gel the hair back into a bun and secure with pins. Attach the wig over the bun. The wig normally has a comb and elastic. Push the combs into the hair and pull the elastic around the base of the bun. Secure the wig to the bun and head with as many bobby pins as needed.

Dance wig for kids kids hairstyles kids hairstyles curly dance wig

Although the initial cost may be a deterrent, after spending hours with heated rollers, or tongs and other ways of achieving lots of curls, this is quick, easy and pain-free. Also wonderful if your child has short hair. Look after the headpiece, keep it packed tight in a hair net and don't let any children (yours or others) play with them, pulling them etc and your wig will last several years.

Have a look at our picture gallery of dance hairstyles for kids.


Whatever hair style you choose here is a list of items you will always need to do your kids hairstyles.

A good bristle hairbrush
Fine tooth comb
Hair gel
Hair Spray - Extreme hold
Bobby pins
Hair bands - tangle free - match colour of hair
Hair net - match colour of hair
Wide hair band - for short hair students to keep hair off the face
Water spray bottle

One thing we are always in awe of are the amazing Dance Kids Hairstyles that are being created to go with the Dance Costumes.

Do you have some photo's of a wonderful Dance Hairstyle that you wore and created the perfect look?
Did your Mum or a friend give you a dance hairstyle that made you look like a Movie Star up on the stage?
We'd love to see all those fantastic works of art!

We'd love to see some Cool Boys Hairstyles as well as pretty Girls Hairstyles too!

Send in YOUR photo's and show off your wonderful hairstyles.

Show Off Your Favorite Dance Kids Hairstyles

Did you win a Competition or Perform at a School or Dance Cconcert with a great Dance Hairstyle?
Did you have many people comment on your wonderful Hairdo?

We'd love to see your Dance Hair Style photo!
Tell us Who styled your hair, if it's a special design - who designed it,
was it easy or hard to do, did it take long?
Any Hairstyling tips, especially to stay in place whilst dancing.

Tell us about the Dance it went with, what type of Dance was it, what Costume you wore?

(Remember, if you're 13 or younger you must get a parent to give permission and help you.)

Enter the Title for Your Hairstyle (Ex, "Jazz Dance Hairstyle")

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