How to Paint Dance Shoes

There will be many times when you will need to paint dance shoes.

A coat of paint will bring them up looking like new, and will cover up some marks that won't come off with a damp cloth. Ballet shoes especially will look wonderful, as they are so light, they often get dirty marks on them from the floor.

Old Pair of Dance Shoes
Old Pair of Dance Shoes Painted Ballet Shoes

Painting your dance shoes is a wonderful way to spruce up your shoes ready for exams or dance concerts and helps prolong the life of your shoe.

This direction here is to paint dance shoes made from leather. This is not for painting pointe ballet shoes, which are made of satin and need a different preparation and paint.

Firstly buy a good quality paint that is made especially for shoes, preferably to paint dance shoes. This is important, as it needs to be flexible when it dries. You cannot use just any type of paint.

Match the color up, if its for ballet, it is normally called ballet pink, other common colors are camel or black.

The most popular is spray paint, or alternatively you can find paint which is applied using a brush. Both types give a wonderful smooth finish, without leaving any tell tale marks or brush strokes.

Clean the shoe really well and dry with a cloth. Tuck inside the shoe any elastic, laces or ribbons, so you dont get any paint on them.

Whichever method you use, be sure to do a small patch test to make sure the paint is suitable for the shoe.

You will need to stuff the shoes with newspaper. Put as much paper in as you can so you stretch the shoes as much as they would be if a foot was inside.
You will need to spray paint dance shoes outside, so put a rag on the ground and place the shoes on the rag and slowly spray all over the shoes.
You may need to put the shoe on one side, spray that side, then wait for it to dry before turning on the other side to paint that side.
Apply the spray paint in a light spray all over, do not try to do too thick a coat as it could run and leave streaks.
It is better to do two light applications.

Do not paint the leather sole on the bottom of the shoe. Leave to dry.
Depending on the coverage, you may need to apply a second coat.

Painting Dance Shoe with brushFind a good quality brush with a fairly large size bristles. Have a cup of water nearby to dip the brush in occasionally and a rag.
Put one hand inside the shoe to stretch the part you are painting or you can stuff the shoe with newspaper.
Dip your brush in the water and then wipe on the rag to get rid of excess water, then dip in the paint and slowly brush the paint over the shoe.

Painting Ballet ShoeYou will need to brush in different directions to work the paint into the leather. Don't worry if you see brush strokes, when it dries they will disappear.
Slowly brush the paint all over the shoe, dipping the brush in the water whenever you find it getting dry and the paint doesn't go on smoothly.
As you can apply this thicker than spray you may not need to apply a second coat, wait until it has dried before deciding if it needs more coverage.
Remember not to paint the leather sole on the bottom of the shoe.

If you are touching up a shoe with the same colour, you will only need one to two coats.
If you are changing the colour you may need several coats to get the desired colour and coverage.

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