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The Spanish Flamenco dancer is the epitome of passion and style.

Spanish Flamenco Dancer Costume

The flamenco costume can be quite simple or very elaborate. have a large supply of Spanish Flamenco Costumes and accessories.

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There are a few basics to get the look right.

The Flamenco Dance Costume

The costume is long, either to the floor or just above. A dress is popular, sometimes with sleeves, though mostly sleeveless.
The top is figure hugging.

If wearing a dress, it will be tight down to the hips, when it will then flare out into a wide skirt with many ruffles. Also popular, as in the photo, is a fitted top and a full, wide, circular skirt, either layered or with ruffles.

This skirt is used to great effect throughout the dance.

A black lace shawl or veil is sometimes used.

Finish the look with black fishnet tights and black dance shoes.

Flamenco Dancer Hair

There are two traditional ways of wearing the hair. Of course, native Spanish dancers often have curly black hair, and some wear it down, their thick curly hair billowing around them.

The other more popular style is all the hair is pulled back from the face in a low bun. Often a large red flower is worn in the hair, on the side of the bun.

Ornately decorated hair clips or combs are also used to hold the hair in place.

Many girls, looking to get a spanish flamenco dancer look, can wear a fitted top, possibly with some lace and a full circular skirt, layered or with ruffles.
Have the skirt in red with black polka dot and contrast with a black top. Add a shawl or veil, possibly a thin choker and gold hoop earrings. Complete the hairstyle and you have the look.
Red and black are very popular colors to use in Spanish dance costumes.

There are many versions to the origins of the flamenco. It started with just the singing, along with hand clapping. Later the spanish flamenco guitar was added. The flamenco dance, has differing stories of where it started, although there are many similarities between the flamenco dance steps and Indian dance steps. Spain is home to people from many early cultures, so it is likely to be a fusion of several styles.

A popular theory is that the flamenco is the music and dance of the Andalusian gypsies of Southern Spain. Later making its way into mainstream society, it became the native music and dance of many regions of Spain.

Flamenco dancing is referred to as the national dance of Spain.

A flamenco dance will have a dancer or more, be accompanied by a flamenco guitar, and possibly singing. There will be a lot of rhythmic hand clapping, by the musicians or the dancer and plenty of feet stomping.

There are typical Spanish flamenco dancer costumes for both the woman and man in Spanish dancing.

The dancers are very self confident and every step and movement depicts pride, both in themselves and their culture. There is a passion in their dances, as the music escalates and the tempo fastens, their love and passion is shown in the dancer's movements.

Although castanets are popular spanish hand instruments, there are many that say they are not traditional flamenco accessories.

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