Tiger Costume
Kids Dance Costumes

What a great tiger costume to use for a dance performance!

Kids Dance Tiger Costume

This picture shows how you can take a simple dance costume to represent a tiger without lots of expensive fur and heavy materials or accessories.

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An affordable tiger print lycra has been made into a unitard. Now you have a costume that would be great in a lyrical, contemporary, novelty or even a jazz performance.

This would fit in a dance with an African or animal theme, with every dancer in a different animal costume.

Have the hair up in a bun with some spikes sticking out, to keep that lean, smooth look of the tiger.

You can use the different prints to portray so many characters, such as a cat, lions or any other animal.

To finish off the tiger and animal look, you could do some face painting. Use yellow and black face paints or a bright yellow eyeshadow and black eyeliner pencil to complete the character.

This style of costume would be suitable for a boy as well as for girls.

Dance unitards are wonderful to dance in as you don't have to worry about layers riding up or falling down. Using lycra, they stretch with you and show off all your movements.

A unitard is a one piece outfit, worn skin tight, but made out of materials such as lycra to offer complete flexibility, whilst offering full body coverage. It will always include long or three quarter length legs, although it may or may not have sleeves.

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