Find the Best Zumba Shoes

Your guide to the best Zumba Shoes. For great advice on the best shoes to wear to Zumba click here.

If you love going to Zumba classes, you need to find the best shoes for Zumba, which types and styles will allow movement and protect your feet and knees in this high energy workout!

Once you've been doing Zumba for a while, whether you go to a class or
workout with DVD's or use a video game such as Wii at home, you will know that you move a lot in these workouts!

Your feet are always on the move, there's a lot of stepping and footwork involved. For your body to do all the right dance moves, you need to be wearing the correct zumba shoes for support and to allow you to twist and turn into the steps.

If you have worn your traditional Gym shoes to a zumba class, you will know that it is really hard to get those turns and steps right, without either twisting your leg or knee. They are designed for good grip and they do indeed grip the floor, whereas for these classes we need the opposite effect.

You want shoes that will allow the feet to twist and turn. Shoes need to provide good fit, flexibility and support, especially for the arches. You need a breathable fabric or mesh and a lining that will wick away the moisture.

Dance sneakers are the best style of shoe for these workouts. They are designed for dancers who need their feet to move and flow from their legs into the turns, not have their feet stuck to the floor. They are very lightweight, enabling you to move and point your feet with ease!

If you wear the wrong shoes, you can end up injuring your knees and legs, so it is worth your time and initial outlay to do this correctly.

Check out this selection of good quality dance sneakers, ideal for your Zumba workout, Jazz, Hip Hop or other dance and fitness classes.

Once you have some good shoes to wear for zumba, have a look at our wonderful selection of clothing to wear for Zumba Workouts.

Check out the great Zumba Music you can download to listen to at home or for extra practices!

You can now do Zumba at home, to perfect the dance steps, or if you can't make a class, check out how at these pages:

Zumba DVD's

Zumba Video Games for Wii, PSP3, XBox

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